At Tech PCX we make a difference.

Tech PCX is a project-based, end-to-end software development company, with extensive experience in Odoo, building mobile and web solutions. We are a company that lives on the cutting-edge of technology focusing on quality and best in class service.

Our core expertise lies in building solutions based on leading technologies and platforms, such as Salesforce, Microsoft .NET, Microsoft SharePoint, iOS, Android, & many others.

With more than a decade expertise in the digital business, we help companies, big and small, discover what makes them unique and channel it into a memorable experience that outsells and outshines their competition online.



User Centered A user is anyone who uses, maintains, or is influenced by the systems we design. Everything we do comes from understanding those users’ past, present, and ideal future.

Data Driven: Design without data about users and their behaviors is just guessing. We gather baseline data at the start of any design process. Then we validate that design with feedback from users, not only clients, early and often.

Collaborative: Our work is not created in a vacuum. We work in an agile mindset, alongside project managers and business analysts, to ensure that our designs meet business goals and work with existing systems. We work with developers to ensure that our designs are brought to life as envisioned

Industries (we serve)

Media & Advertising
Enterprise Software
Travel & Transportation
Data Mining & Processing
Social Network and Event


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