At Tech PCX, we aims at giving excellence digital results and visuals to the clients and the general media, offering various services such as website design, full branding, graphics design, digital art, Ui/UX design. We make a conscious effort in our every project no matter how small it is to exceed the expectations of our clients. Effective project management are some of our greatest strengths.

The main aim of user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) is to develop a user friendly web or app model with our customer focused approach that are well structured and meticulously planned. We believe that these two elements can make or break a design and provide unmatched UI/UX development service completely transforming the way your/any website functions and able connects to there respective clients and market perspectives, be it on the web, mobile or any other medium/platform.

Our fundamental strengths lie in the simplicity of our designs and delivering inspiring experiences to our clients user base. Flawless user flow and liquid design elements form the crux of all our project deliverable. After-all, alluring and high-quality design quickly grabs attention of any viewer. Web, mobile application or any platform with creative interface have the power to attract and retain customers for longer. Creative graphics/design makes website more interesting. Often, they are used to represent brands and create lasting corporate identities that influence business growth and turnovers to our clients.

We obliviously know the importance of User-friendly mobile apps and web applications; therefore our experienced UI and UX designer give more then 100% to meet our client’s needs.

Our Expertise

Cutting-edge solutions using latest technologies


At Tech PCX, we develop most-advantageous enterprise solutions by using Odoo business management software.

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We build powerful, scalable and callable web applications that are custom made using agile development processes leveraging the latest web technologies.

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Mobile Application Development

With every passing year, the usage of smart-phones is increasing and so is our need on accessing information or services on-the-go(remotely).

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Digital Marketing

Connecting your business with the right audience, in the right places, in all the right ways.

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Software Development

Whether you’re a start-up with a completely new idea or you do things your own way, Tech PCX can build custom business software

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Cloud Support

As the clouds are gaining supremacy over the market day by day, the cloud support requirements are getting more critical and essential.

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